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NASA Warns of Impending Megadrought (and Potential Water Shortages)

Recent events have shown that being prepared for emergencies is essential, but most people wait until the emergency is in full swing. So, what can you do now when the impending emergency is a megadrought of historic proportions?


NASA MegadroughtA largely under-reported NASA study from just a few years ago predicts a megadrought that could be the worst of the millennium.*

Per the report, “[…] there is an 80 percent likelihood of a decades-long megadrought in the Southwest and Central Plains between the years 2050 and 2099.”

Of course, one of the immediate concerns in a situation like this is a potential water shortage.

The dust bowl of the 1930s, which in turn caused shortages in the food supply, would pale in comparison to a megadrought that could potentially last decades.

While there are no large scale solutions yet, there are options for you on an individual level to prepare yourself and your family.

One such option is the Water Freedom System invented by Chris Burns.

It’s a way that you can create an automated supply of fresh, high-quality, clean water – based on technology being used by the military in countries like Israel, India, the U.K. and the U.S.

And assuming this megadrought doesn’t come to fruition (fingers crossed), the system may just help you eliminate your monthly water bill (at the cost and time of an Ikea night stand).

You can learn more about Chris Burns’s Water Freedom System by clicking here.



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