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How Much Can This Free Browser Extension Save You While You Shop Online?

save with rakuten ebates


Most of us are stick indoors and doing more shopping online than usual (whether it be buying essentials or just partaking in a bit of a retail therapy).

Luckily, there’s an incredibly easy (and free) way to save money on a lot of that online shopping. We’ll quickly explain.

(And read to the end to see how you can actually earn money on your first purchase!)

Rakuten (formerly eBates) is an absolutely free portal/tool that provides instant cash back on purchases in an amazingly large range of online stores such as Nike, Overstock, eBay..and much, much more. That even includes sites like Groupon, where you can already save money, plus stack coupons and Rakuten cashback.

We’ve seen cash back offers up to 16%. That’s a lot of savings!

You can shop directly from their portal, but even more convenient is their browser app, which you can install in any browser.

Once you install the browser, all you have to do is activate the instant cash back on stores that Rakuten supports. Here’s what it looks like when you click the browser extension to have the “activate” option on the Nike online store:

nike cash back

The Rakuten extension will also scan the web for available coupons and apply those to your order on checkout. Saving you time on searching for coupons and providing you even more savings.

A relatively new feature is the price comparison feature.

As more and more people are logging on to Amazon to shop, Rakuten will price compare with stores in their network to show you if there are lower prices available elsewhere.

Here is an example where a cheaper price was available on Overstock compared to Amazon:


And here’s an example where a lower price was available on Chewy:


And, of course, buying from these cheaper alternatives will also give you the option of earning cash back too!

So, want to quickly collect cash back and save on all the shopping you’re already doing?

Click here to sign up for your free Rakuten account >>

Right now, Rakuten is offering an additional $30 bonus on your first $30 spend through their network. That’s $30 of free spend, plus the cash back! In other words, you’re earning money to shop :). Click here to take advantage of that offer.